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Employer Information: Must Reads

Vendor Consolidation 

Less is more. Illinois school district's moves to a single vendor reduces administration burden and saves participants a lot of money. Read more

Rich Plan, Poor Plan

Public school 403(b) plans poor fairly when compared to the 401(k). Read more

What's That Fishy Smell in the Teachers' Lounge?

Teachers pick up the tab when sales agents bring the lunch. Read more

Union Advice is Failing Teachers

Labor groups have joined forces with investment firms to steer members into savings plans that often have high expenses and poor returns. Read more

403(b) Plan Trends and Best Practices

The ongoing evolution of the 403(b) plan marketplace. Read more

ERISA 403(b) Best Practices

Auto enroll and auto escalation among suggestions. Read more

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A Gangsta's Paradise
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