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Breanna Reish, CFP® Wealth of Confidence, LLC

Breanna pledges to sign a fiduciary agreement with clients.

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Breanna Reish, CFP® graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in Financial Planning from California State University, San Bernardino. While in school Breanna interned with a local independent planning firm in order to gain experience working with local families. After her internship, Breanna went on to work with a planning and tax preparation firm. There she gained a lot of tax knowledge that has, in turn, helped her clients with tax planning. Breanna sat for and passed the CFP® exam in 2015. She decided to gain more experience working locally where she could focus solely on perfecting her planning experience for clients.

In 2017 Breanna decided it was time to pursue her dream of creating a comforting experience for women and planning for those that really want a great comprehensive experience. As a planner, Breanna has had the opportunity to work with a lot of educators and considers this to be extremely rewarding work. Educators have unique planning needs that are often overlooked by many of the financial institutions listed on the 403b investment list. A plan is not just about one account or one pension number, its a big puzzle and educators have even more pieces of their puzzle than others may have.

Breanna believes in and tries to help others live the best life possible. This means finding balance, letting go of what can not be changed, believing in oneself, having a positive attitude and spending time with and on the things that truly matter.


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  • 9 years of financial experience
  • 9 years of financial planning or investment management for individuals
  • Firm has been in business for 1 years

Contact Information

7121 Magnolia Avenue
Suite F
Riverside, CA 92504



CFP #188006
CRD #5607787


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BS in Business Administration and a concentration in financial planning, California State University San Bernardino