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Anthony Isola, CFP® Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC

Anthony pledges to sign a fiduciary agreement with clients.

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Teaching in a public school for over twenty years has given me great perspective on the terrible situation that exists in K-12 403(b) plans. My wife Dina and I decided to partner up with the firm Ritholtz Wealth Management to make a bigger impact in this area. Our priority is to attack this problem and put an end to the financial exploitation of public school teachers. Salesman who call themselves wealth managers and other misleading titles place teacher’s money into complicated, expensive, and inappropriate investments like high cost variable annuities.

Working with Scott, and Dan, along with the New York Times, sympathetic journalists, and others to help shed light on this disturbing problem is our passion. It is a tough fight but we have no intention of giving up. We created a low cost and transparent program using Vanguard index funds to compete with the offerings sold by insurance salespeople and brokers.

We are bound by legal obligations to look out for our client’s best interests. Unlike salespeople who only need to act in a much more lenient manner called the suitability standard. Working with us, teachers will never again pay a commission or be subject to surrender fee charges. We pride ourselves in educating our clients, not hiding fees and expenses. Our goal is to become the financial version of Amazon for public school teachers. Low costs, and great service delivered in an easy to use and understand way. We would love for you to join our movement.


  • AUM Fee


  • 15 years of financial experience
  • 15 years of financial planning or investment management for individuals
  • Firm has been in business for 3 years

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CRD #30876


BA in Economics, Boston University

MS in Secondary Education, Hofstra University


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